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My initial professional employment was at Midwest Research Institute (now MRI Global) in Kansas City mentored by renown traffic safety researchers at the start of my career – which has spanned over 40 years dedicated to improving traffic safety engineering through research, design, operations, education and consulting.

My first expert witness assignment occurred in 1996. Since then I have assisted over 120 attorneys, corporations and government agencies providing expertise in matters related to traffic safety on highways, streets, intersections and parking lots.

I have designed roadways, intersections, construction zones and developed plans and specifications for construction of complex highway projects. I have administered roadway maintenance agencies in two states. I served as an Adjunct Lecturer at the University of Michigan in the College of Civil and Environmental Engineering and as an Instructor at the Engineering Society of Detroit. For both I provided lectures and technical instruction in areas of highway design and traffic safety.

I achieved professional engineer status in three states – legally required in order to produce highway construction plans and specifications in specific state jurisdictions. As my interest grew in providing expert traffic safety services, I obtained a certificate in Accident Reconstruction for Engineers from Northwestern University’s Traffic Institute.

I completed my transition from transportation design into providing highway safety expert services to attorneys, corporations and governments in July 2017.

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